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Christ for India is a registered charitable organization in the US and is known as New India Church of God in the nation of India.

This organization was founded in 1976 in the state of Kerala under the leadership of Rev R Abraham and Rev V A Thampy. A ministry which began in the primitive areas of Kerala has spread its wings to the lengths and breaths of the nation today.

Today the ministry spreads its work over 26 states of India with 4550 full time churches. It is our endeavour to bring the good news of Jesus and spread the love of God to many in our great Nation.

vision & Mission

Our Dream

Our Dream

Pastor Abraham who left his job as a pharmacist to join the ministry when he was only 21...

Where we Leaded

Where we are Today

Where we are Today

This is where we will be showing the map of India with the various initiatives that we have in the nation of India

Where we Stand

Where we are Going

Where are we Going

As the time goes on, God expands our vision to do more. Pastor Abraham has a vision for Christ For India...

What we Do Christ for India is a ministry is the initiator of many transformational Christian dispositions in the nation of India. Even though it was established with only “church planting” as its expedition which is its focus to this day, CFI in accordance to God`s plan has found itself being the hands and feet of the Lord in many more avenues of serving and making the love of Christ tangible to uncountable people in villages, towns and cities of India. We preach the gospel, serve the downtrodden of society, feed and clothe the disenfranchised, educate the poor, teach skill to empower people to make a livelihood.

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Partner with Ranjit

Ranjit Jacob Abraham is Rev Abraham’s youngest child and only son. He was called by God to serve Him full time during the time he was pursuing his undergraduate degree from one of the esteemed engineering colleges in the southern part of India. After completing his degree and turning down high salaried jobs in IT, Ranjit decided to take the first step towards his calling and pursue a master’s degree in missiology & divinity from Regent University, Virginia Beach. Today, he is the mission’s director of Christ for India and the Associate Pastor at Capital Christian Centre, New Delhi which is the urban expression of churches under the banner of New India Church of God. Ever since Ranjit has come back to India in 2014, he has been working in bringing more involvement & engagement in the younger generation of New India Church of God hence paving a way for the sustenance and growth of the ministry in the years to come. Ranjit got married to Sneha in 2017 and was blessed with a daughter Iris Abigail in 2018. Ranjit and Sneha together have a passion to serve and lift up the youth of the city. They have been intensely into counselling and let God revive the lives of youth who come with struggles like drugs, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, broken home and so on. They believe that more than anything else these young men and women need the love of Jesus and once they display it to them, there won’t be a turning back.

A few more projects that Ranjit and Sneha are leading currently are :-



This is a thriving youth group which started in the latter part of 2014 in the front of room of his home. This group started with only 5 people with an aim to encourage community and accountability amongst the youth and young adults of the church. The vision behind The Link is to connect with God and connect with people under the greatest commandment to love God and love people. Now we have 3 Link locations discipling and encouraging over 100 youngsters.


Which means “to nurture”, is also an urban community and missions outreach project in the city of Delhi. The young adults of the church go out to serve, teach and love on the people who live in slums in various parts of New Delhi. This project enables the youth to be engaged with the community we live in and not just learn and worship in church, but reach out to the community exhibiting the love of Christ.


This is Ranjit`s newest endeavour to reach out to the youth of the nation of India. This is a 30 minutes segment that is aired nationwide once a week on a christian TV channel “Powervision Tv” . Ranjit believes that the first step to draw young adults to God is to expose them to the presence of God through the power of worship. Hence, during the 30 minutes Ranjit`s sole purpose remains to usher people into and facilitate the presence of God through worship into the watcher`s lives.

A NEW INDIA I distinctly felt God speak to me in March 2018, to film this documentary titled ‘A New India’. This documentary not only highlights incredible India with its heart wrenching needs, but also the great work that is being done by Christ for India. This documentary is ..

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Get Involved We want and need you to be a part of what we are doing in the nation of India and there is more than one way to do it.

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Our organisation is only able to do what it does because of the generous donations of its friends around the globe ...



Your unrelenting prayers for us will make us go a long way in achieving what we want to ...


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Hebrews 6:10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

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