Bethesda Homes These homes symbolize a place for these kids to have a normal life and a sense of family, an idea which was non existent in their lives previously. We at Bethesda feed these kids, clothe them, educate them and give them a family they can call their home.

Support an Orphan

Empowering the Women Naomi Fund A support to the widows whose husband have been martyred or lost due to accidents or illness.This fund gives these women means to afford their medical bills, personal expenses and some pocket money for personal use.

Support a widow

Medical Camps We conduct periodic medical camps for the poor in various parts of UP and MP. We have partnered with various organizations who bring us medical supplies and volunteers and we provide the ground support and facilities to execute the Medical Camp.

Sponsor a medical Camp

Helping the poor and needy Humanitarian Relief We have always tried to be a helping hand to people,may it be from buying blankets in the cold, or helping earth quake affected victims to buying pulses and food supplies for the poor and needy or building wells for clean drinking water.We believe that love is best shown in action.

Feed a Family a Month