Our Dream I thank God for giving me a vision which was never possible in my own strength without God. I know today that all you need to achive great things for God begins with having the courage to dream the visions of God for your life and have the faith to execute with power of the Holy Spirit.
I have always aspired to spread the love of Christ where ever I go. My main objective to join the ministry was to spread the love that I received and experienced when I accepted Jesus Christ in my life. I still remember when I started my ministry from the streets with no money, no friends and no experience. I only had a dream to reach the lost of the nation of India. It's been almost 42 years now and when I look at the things that God has done in and through my life, I feel that it was purely the faithfulness and grace of God. I have always lived my life with God giving him my best efforts in whatever I do and always being available to be used by Him in whatever way He found fit. I have only been the silent passenger of my life that He has been navigating for over four decades.

Turning 64, many feel that I'm on my way towards retirement. I can only assure that I will stay faithful to the call that God has given me and will give my best to Him till my last breath. My only desire is for God to continue this vision that He gave me for generations to come. Christ for India / New India Church of God is not Pastor Abraham - it's bigger - it's a vision of God for the nation of India. Even though i dont achieve the task of reaching the entire nation of India, I would have made a tangible difference in being the path to achieve that goal. I thank all of my friends who have stood with me on this journey. I am certain the best is yet to come.

Your Friend

Rev. Dr. R. Abraham
Co- Founder, New India Church of God
Founder, Christ For India