Our Story The journey began on an evening in 1968

There were huge expectations from being born in middle class family he was brought up in , from getting his sisters married to taking care of his parents.He was on the right track as he was very good at academics and had completed his graduation with bachelors in Chemistry. Everything was set for his future. But God turned his life around by calling Pastor Abraham into full time ministry soon after he got an offer as a pharmacist. He was torn between the choice of following the voice of God and his duties as a son and a brother.

He had no formal Bible training, no money and no experience. He went to kerala where he joined Pastor VA Thampy and with him birthed New India Church of God.

In those due to lack of resources and lack of basic amenities, Pastor Abraham used to walk 15 miles a day visiting different villages, preaching the gospel. healing the sick and bringing people to knowledge of saving grace of Jesus Christ. That is how the initial churches were established.

In 1980, the desire to reach the whole country was still burning in the heart of pastor as he had been in kerala for 7 years. He felt that he did not want to stay restricted to one state but wanted to reach the whole nation of India. What better way to do that than to start from the capital of the nation- New Delhi. He moved with his wife of 10 days to a new city, where he knew no one, did not speak the language, did not understand the culture and many other factors which were new to them. They still decided to begin the call that God had now placed on the life of their family.

It took him 10 years to establish 300 churches in North India.Pastor Abraham stayed true to his call and achieved this despite of North India being a place of persecution and opposition towards Christians . He toiled hard, prayed everyday for God to change the nation of India and to use him to achieve the goal to reach the unreached.

Its 2016 now, we are the fastest growing pentecostal organisation in the nation of india. We have 4270 churches across 26 states out of 28 states of India, Nepal and the middle East. We have 15 Bible colleges, 17 orphanage, 5 High Schools, 150 sowing schools for women and the list goes on.

This all happened because one man obeyed, one man prayed and he dreamt with God. He is one of the most renowned church leaders in the nation of India. He is the one of the two people who have been chosen from the nation of India to speak about church growth under the leadership of Rev Yonggi Cho, Korea. This is where we were and where we are today. But the story is still being written and will be written for generations to come. God is the story teller of our ministry and He will lead us for the days to come.

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Co- Founder, New India Church of God
Founder, Christ For India